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Paradigm Consultants takes their coatings and their role in project protection and completion seriously. Therefore, we maintain staff of National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) certified inspectors available for your project needs. As a premier Engineering and consulting firm, Paradigm utilizes NACE standards for the evaluation of coating and corrosion for the protection of the interests of our clients in many areas of exposure. The NACE certified staff of Paradigm Consultants are trained in the evaluation and inspection of different aspects of coatings to ensure their effectiveness.
Coating system inspection consists of reviewing of the coating specification, which includes preparation of the substrate and surface profile to meet the coating specification, as well as measuring and evaluating the performance of each portion of the process.
NACE certified inspection services include:

  • Review of Coating specifications
  • Establishment of Hold and inspection points
  • Review of Coating reports
  • Review and inspection of surface profile and temperature
  • Observation of Coating Component Equipment
  • Evaluate cleaning and preparation of Coating Equipment
  • Monitoring of Cleaning and preparation of surface
  • Monitor application of Coating system components
  • Witness and review Coating system Performance Analysis
  • Evaluate Coating System Results
  • Evaluation of Coating Failures
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Corrosion Control, Inspection and Evaluation
The use of reports done by NACE personnel lets the end user know that no shortcuts were utilized and there is a traceable record of the application and testing of their coating system based on statistical and proven methods that have been standardized for the industry in all aspects of the coating process.


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