CMT Team Leader

1.0           Immediate Supervisor / Reporting Relationships
The Team Leader shall report to the VP of Operations.

2.0           Purpose
The purpose of this position is to lead and manage a group of CMT field technicians, of which Paradigm employs 15 to 20.  The two primary responsibilities will include day-to-day scheduling of technicians and leading/managing Paradigm’s group of CMT technicians.  It is mandatory to have construction field experience to excel in this role, specifically within CMT or Special Inspections.  It is also critically important to have strong customer service skills and to obsess over Paradigm customer satisfaction.

3.0       Responsibility / Authority
3.1       Schedule technicians within Paradigm day-to-day software in the
most efficient way possible.
3.2       Display excellent customer service when interacting with clients and
contractors out in the field on job sites or on the phone. 
3.3       Train technicians in the field on a regular basis. 
3.4       Manage technician equipment, ordering when needed.  This includes
the management and inventory of nuclear gauges, pressure meters,
PPE, and all other items used by technicians in the field.
3.5       Review and approve timesheets of technicians
3.6       Review and approve technician field reports daily
3.7       Help technicians troubleshoot issues in the field, including
facilitating communication between internal and external parties
3.8       Provide cylinder drop-off log to Paradigm lab on a daily basis
3.9       Attend technician interviews and participate in hiring decision-
3.10     All other items to ensure Dispatch and technician management runs

4.0    Competencies  
Treats people with respect; keeps commitments; inspires the trust of others; works with integrity and ethically; upholds organizational values, and commits 100% to maintaining confidentiality.

Speaks clearly and persuasively in positive or negative situations; listens and gets clarification; responds well to questions.

Demonstrates excellent customer service in every situation, even with difficult clients, contractors, or internal employees.

Identifies and resolves problems in a timely manner; gathers and analyzes information skillfully; develops alternative solutions; works well in group problem-solving situations.

5.0       Education and Training
5.1       A high school diploma or equivalent is required.
5.2        Candidates with a college degree are welcomed but a degree is not mandatory.

6.0       Experience and Qualifications
6.1       A minimum of 7-10 years experience within the Construction
Materials Testing industry.
6.2       Needed certifications within Soils and Concrete testing are ACI Field,
Nuclear Gauge, in addition to some advanced soil certifications such
as SB101/102 and/or NICET Level 1/2/3 in Soils/Concrete/Asphalt.  
6.3       The ability to learn and understand Paradigm’s software systems
does not require any particular previous experience, but a computer
familiarity aptitude that will be assessed through interviewing. 
Prior experience with ElmTree or other CMT scheduling
software programs is a positive.  A working knowledge of MS Office,
including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, is required but the candidate
does not have to be an expert in MS Office.
6.4       Excellent people skills with the ability to communicate well with
clients and associates.
6.5       Valid Drivers License and Ability to Drive in Texas
6.6       Must pass Background Check and Drug Test

 7.0       Typical Day for the Team Leader

Time: Morning
Description: Finalize Schedule / Ensure all technicians and job sites are set for the day and all other office tasks necessary
Comments: Generally done from the office in case scheduling must be changed early in the morning for the day.  Taking phone calls/emails as contractors, clients, and technicians call with issues or questions.

​​​​​​​Time: Late Morning to Early Afternoon
Description: Training
Comments: Travel to job sites to train technicians, check up on projects, and get face time with technicians, clients, and contractors

​​​​​​​Time: Early Afternoon until end of day (Actual hours vary significantly by day)
Description: Create a schedule for the following day and all other required items
Comments: Sometimes schedule will require working some in the evening to finalize for the following day.  Other daily items for every afternoon include equipment management, review and approval of technician timesheets, review and approval of technician field reports, cylinder pick-up log, and any items that arise regarding field technician/job site management.

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