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Development of all kinds thrives across the U.S., and Houston specifically has experienced significant growth over the past few years. We are constantly adding new roads to our bustling highways, new ports and docks for commercial transport, and new high-rise buildings to our cities. 2016, in particular, had a record-breaking increase in development, with 48 new projects planned, started, or completed in downtown Houston alone.  All of these construction projects require specialists with a thorough understanding of how the site’s ground composition and other environmental factors will impact the building. These projects also demand a team of materials engineers to carefully plan out the proper design specifications and assess the quality of the building components. Our consulting firm offers these specialized skills to private and public clients in various development fields.

At Paradigm Consultants, Inc., we have extensive experience working in a wide variety of construction and development industries. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians possesses an impressive professional flexibility, including experts in bridge-materials assessment and geotechnical engineering for roads and transit. Through our consulting firm, you can have access to skilled experts with specialized training in your industry.


For each of the industries we have served, we provide excellent work performed by registered or certified technicians, engineers, or other specialists. We offer quality control and materials evaluation in the design phase of your projects so that you can rest assured your development will be safe and long-lasting. For existing structures, we can provide nondestructive testing and evaluation so that you can understand the status of the materials without having to do any structural damage. Additionally, we employ a team of geotechnical engineers who specialize in soil and ground assessment. Building on a fault line or a subtle slope can seriously compromise the stability of your development project. Our engineers can identify any potential risks and suggest solutions for any subsurface or ground-related problems.

We understand that project managers, businesses, and contractors want to secure the very best services available for their development enterprise. When you work with our consulting firm, you work with highly-trained experts who go the extra mile for their clients. Our satisfied clients can attest to the fact that our experience shines in many development fields. For example, we were able to finish our high-quality geotechnical engineering work on Highway 288 under budget with major time restrictions. We also provided geotechnical engineering and materials testing for the Dominion Post Oak project in Houston, Texas. The 30-story residential concrete building and parking garage required specialized systems to support its structural loads. Our team worked with grade-supported flooring, axial compression, and tension pile capacities, among other various development needs.

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If you are a municipal, residential, business, or private developer, you can benefit from the services offered by our highly skilled team. Our registered, certified technicians and engineers can handle a vast assortment of building projects from quality control of materials to environmental risk assessment. From the early planning stage of your development enterprise to the maintenance or repair phases, Paradigm Consultants, Inc. has you covered. Call us today at (713) 686-6771 to learn about the specialized services we offer to developers in your industry