For over two decades, governmental agencies and private sector clients have relied on Paradigm’s geotechnical and construction materials testing and inspection expertise for their roadways.  From local streets to highways, major interchanges, and bridges, Paradigm has provided sound engineering design and construction-related services to the surface-transportation sector.  In addition to design and construction-related services, Paradigm has developed a reputation for its technical experience and sound judgment in providing investigative services and repair recommendations relating to poor construction, damage, and the toll of time.

Paradigm also has a history of providing engineering services for airport and ancillary facilities of all sizes.  Airports present a distinct combination of design and construction challenges – long building spans in terminals and hangers, large-capacity parking garages, heavy pavements for our largest aircraft, and jet-blast-resist pavements for military aircraft – all demanding the technical expertise and proven experience of Paradigm’s professionals.  Whether addressing high foundation loads for new structures or evaluating construction techniques for repairs to airfield pavements, Paradigm can provide proven, practical solutions to the unique challenges presented during design and construction.  [management of inspection and testing services]

Port and terminal construction is synonymous with three key words – bigger, deeper, and heavier.  As larger vessels and increased cargo demand deeper channel access and bigger facilities for larger and heavier loads, Paradigm’s professionals have teamed with Gulf Coast port authorities, private developers, and their design teams to meet these challenges.  A clear understanding of the demands of the marine environment on structures and pavements place Paradigm in a strong position to address these special challenges.

Additionally, other infrastructure projects such as light rail, water and sewage transmission and treatment, flood-control, and communication demand unique expertise in areas such as soil-laboratory testing; weld inspection and nondestructive testing; and paint and coating preparation, application, inspection, and testing.