Airports, particularly large international airports like IAH, present a distinct combination of design and construction challenges – long building spans in terminals and hangers, large-capacity parking garages, and heavy pavements for our largest aircraft – all demanding the technical expertise and proven experience of Paradigm’s professionals. Whether addressing high foundation loads for new structures or evaluating construction techniques for repairs to airfield pavements, Paradigm can provide proven, practical solutions to the unique challenges presented during design and construction.

Ports and Terminals

Port and terminal construction is synonymous with three key words – bigger, deeper, and heavier. As larger vessels and increased cargo demand deeper channel access and bigger facilities for larger and heavier loads, Paradigm’s professionals have teamed with Gulf Coast port authorities, private developers, and their design team to meet these challenges. Projects – general cargo, containers, petro-chemicals, and tourism/cruise ships. Houston, Freeport, ??

Rail and Transit

Paradigm has played a continuing role in the transition of Harris County’s Metropolitan Transit Authority from the manager of a bus fleet into a “regional multimodal transportation system.” From inspecting the thermite welding of the rails to ……

Roads and Bridges:

HCTRA, City of Houston, Harris County . (State highways in Harris County total 1,213 miles)

Flood Control (Channels and Levees)

Authorities with Harris and our surrounding counties readily acknowledge that flooding is our #1 natural disaster. Paradigm’s professionals have worked closely for our entire 20+ year history with Harris County Flood Control District to improve the District’s roughly 2,500 miles of channels including about 1,700 miles of man-made and improved channels. The stability of existing or new slopes of channels and levees coupled with erosion control requirements and future maintenance are a few of the key challenges faced by owners and their civil design team. Paradigm’s technical expertise in analyzing existing or constructed soil conditions and applying proven experience has helped developers and governmental entities ensure appropriate design of flood control structures.