Sam Houston Parkway Widening



Project Description:

Geotechnical Engineering for the widening of Sam Houston Tollway Southeast, Sections 1 and 2 from roughly east of Kirby Drive to West of South Wayside Dr.  Project area includes five overpasses and their associated retaining walls located at the following intersections with Beltway 8:

  • SH 288 (West Bound)
  • SH 288 (East Bound)
  • Scott Street
  • Cullen Boulevard
  • Cottingham Road

Paradigm determined the location of proposed soil borings for bridge design, embankment settlement analysis, and retaining walls. Owner proposed 46 geotechnical borings with a total drilling footage of 3,535 feet.  Paradigm performed soil borings, soil testing, and prepared boring logs.  We also provided global stability analysis, settlement analysis and foundation design recommendations.

Laboratory testing provided to characterize the uniformity and strength for the soils supporting MSE walls, moisture content, Atterberg limits, particle size analysis, and confined compression, one dimensional consolidation and consolidation undrained triaxial tests.

During the course of the project, Paradigm collaborates with County personnel to facilitate the development and implementation of a project database within the County’s CAPTRAC electronic document management system.