West Airport Boulevard

Project Description:

Paradigm Consultants, Inc. was retained by the Fort Bend County Engineering Department to provide geotechnical engineering and construction materials engineering and testing services for the West Airport Boulevard expansion between F.M. 1464 and Old Richmond Road in Fort Bend County, Texas. Our services were requested for the extension of West Airport Boulevard west of Maple Downs Lane to F.M. 1464 and the construction of a northern lane between Maple Downs Lane to a point approximately 500 feet east of Red Gully. The total area we provided services for was approximately 1,500 lineal feet.
The portion of the roadway between F.M. 1464 and Maple Downs Lane is a boulevard section. Storm sewers ranging in diameter from 24 to 30 inches were installed within the new roadway alignment, with maximum flow line depths of 12 feet. Below-grade utilities were not constructed within the northern lanes of West Airport Boulevard. Our services included material testing and monitoring of bedding and backfill for utility trenches, stabilization of pavement subgrade, and concrete testing.


Fort Bend County Engineering Department
Mr. Jesse Hegemier, P.E.

Construction Budget: