The Dominion

Project Description:

Paradigm Consultants, Inc. provided geotechnical engineering and materials testing services for the Dominion Post Oak project at 2323 McCue Road in Houston, Texas. The site previously contained four two-story structures, a pool, and concrete and asphalt surface paving, the foundations for the former buildings remained in-place. The impact of the former development had to be considered in selection of the foundation and floor system.

The 30-story residential, cast-in-place concrete building and parking garage is 37,163 ft2 in plan area. Because of structural loads, an augered cast-in-place pile system was used to support principal structural loads. A grade-supported floor was recommended, and Paradigm provided the subgrade preparation needed to reduce the potential movement of the expansive soils to an acceptable level. Paradigm provided axial compression and tension pile capacities.


WPM Construction
John Cleveland