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Development, construction maintenance, and other building projects always come with a whole host of design, structural, and general safety concerns. The soundness of your materials and the surrounding environmental conditions are just a few of the many issues constantly confronting developers in Houston and the surrounding areas. At Paradigm Consultants, Inc., we have a deep understanding of the challenges that come with building, construction, and renovation. That’s why we offer a wide array of consulting services to both private and public clients.

From a geotechnical survey of slope stability to fireproof testing for your materials, our skilled team of technicians and engineers are prepared to handle your construction needs. We can help make your development project regulation-compliant, efficient, cost-effective, and safe.

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When you hire a consulting firm like ours, we know that the success of your venture relies heavily on our expertise and collaboration with your team. We strive to earn that trust of our clients by employing only experienced, qualified professionals and holding our team to the highest standards. Our technicians, engineers, and specialists are properly certified or registered in their fields. We insist on providing you with highly-trained experts, only possessing the most up-to-date technical knowledge. Through our consulting services, you will have access to the professional engineers and technicians you need to meet your project goals.

We provide support to municipal, commercial, residential, and private clients at any stage in the development process. From design to repair, we have the skills needed to make your construction enterprise successful. Our engineers can help you design technical specifications for your endeavor in the initial planning stages. They can also review a site’s soundness with our nondestructive testing and evaluation services. Additionally, we specialize in assessment and planning for environmental conditions around your site. That’s where our geotechnical engineers come in. We can review the soil, subsurface, and other geological issues that can impact the design and implementation of your construction. We are also proud to provide environmental engineering services include risk assessment and site remediation.

Our qualified team of engineers and technicians is ready to help you make your development vision a reality. We can take on a wide variety of your specialized tasks, leaving you free to attend to other aspects of the project.

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Development requires a significant amount of expertise, testing, and review. At Paradigm Consultants, Inc., we provide qualified specialists to help you with an impressive range of construction, building, and environmental consulting services. Our team of certified, registered engineers and technicians also has full access to the tools they require to meet your project goals. If you have specific construction needs, or if you want to secure the general services of a vetted consulting firm, contact us today. Call us at (713) 686-6771 to learn more about how we can help you efficiently complete your development project.