Certified Welding Inspection

Certified Welding Inspection is a specialized branch of inspection and deals with AWS, API and ASME code compliance. Knowledge of metals and consumables and their compatibility within the code allows for greater quality and repeatability. Paradigm Consultants has established a core staff of competent and specialized inspectors to provide fast and accurate inspection in all code areas to service your companies´ varied and specialized needs. From Oil and Gas to Commercial and Municipal Structural Welding, the applications are endless. Management is versed and certified to ensure compliance with all code applications as they refer to the welding process that your particular project requires. From procedure to welder qualification to project inspection, Paradigm Consultants´ staff has the resources and ability to qualify and quantify results in a timely and professional manner.

While Paradigm personnel have provided expertise and solutions to a myriad of Welding Applications, we are poised to provide that same level of professionalism and expertise to your project to ensure that you have the confidence in the finished product you receive. Clients have ranged from private to public and large to small; the emphasis is always on maintaining a high standard and compliance with the applicable code to ensure that your project has met all of the necessary requirements be they code, local, commercial or governmentally imposed regulations and or requirements. Paradigm is your resource for welding compliance issues.

Our inspectors work closely with engineers and client representatives to confirm all welding is done correctly and as per code requirements. Trained professionals with years of experience in witnessing and examining welding processes and projects give you the confidence to proceed. Paradigm has expertise to be used in planning as well as creating job specifications and monitoring of processes throughout your project. Prior to, during and after welding, critical areas can be assessed and made to conform with the plans and direction originally intended by the framing engineers of the project. Listed below is a brief summary of the services we provide.

  • Plan and Specification Review

  • Welder Qualification

  • Procedure Review

  • Weld Monitoring

  • Weld Testing

  • Finished Welding Inspection
  • Facility and Equipment Inspection

  • Film Interpretation

Project Types for which we have provided Certified Welding Inspection services include, but are not limited to, High Rise Buildings, Pressure Vessels, Bridges, Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Amusement Parks, Industrial Complexes, Oil and Gas, Wastewater, Petrochemical, Airports, Commercial Complexes, Energy, Automotive, Aerospace, Wind Towers, and Heavy Equipment.