NACE Certified Coating Inspection

NACE Certified Coating Inspection consists of reviewing specifications, examining surface preparations, measuring substrates, measuring and evaluating the overall performance of the coating system and prevention and analysis of corrosion. Paradigm Consultants takes coatings and their role in project protection and completion seriously. Therefore, we maintain staff certified NACE inspectors available for your project needs. NACE is the industry standard for coating and corrosion control systems accepted worldwide. NACE has 30,000 members in 116 Countries and was established in 1943. As a premiere Engineering and Consulting Firm, Paradigm utilizes NACE standards for the evaluation of coatings and corrosion for the protection of the interests of our clients in many areas of exposure. The evaluation of coating specifications and their effectiveness in accordance with approved standards allows the best opportunity to produce a successful coating system application. Coating system inspection consists of reviewing of the coating specification, which including preparation of the substrate and surface profile to meet the coating specification (which is normally established as a cooperative effort between the coating engineer and the product supplier) as well as measuring and evaluating the performance of each portion of the process. Proper performance of a coating system is closely related to the preparation and application of that system in accordance with the requirements of the project and the coating specification. NACE certified inspectors are trained in the evaluation and inspection of the different aspects of a coating system to ensure its effectiveness.

ISO and NACE standards have been established to standardize the prevention and control of corrosion through the use of coating systems and cathodic protection. The profile standards, cleaning methods and finish ratings have been designed to standardize the value by which each avenue is measured. The types and uses of various coating systems must be evaluated from a performance standpoint based on the original design specifications. All testing and inspections required and produced are a direct reflection of the specification requirements. Correct usage of Profilometers, Dry Film Thickness Meters, Environmental Parameter Gauges, Adhesion Testers, and other state of the art equipment along with the correct evaluation of their results can only be obtained and qualified by trained professionals. This ensures the proper use and application of your coating system.
NACE certified inspection services include the following:

  • Review of Coating specifications
  • Establishment of Hold and Inspection Points
  • Review of Coating reports
  • Review and Inspection of surface profile and temperature
  • Observation of Coating Component Logs and mixing for use
  • Evaluate Cleaning and preparation of Coating Equipment
  • Monitoring of Cleaning and Preparation of Surface
  • Monitor Application of Coating System components
  • Witness and Review Coating System Performance Analysis
  • Measure Coating Thickness
  • Evaluate Coating System Results
  • Evaluation of Coating Failures
  • Cathodic Protection
  • Corrosion Control, Inspection and Evaluation

Usage and reporting by NACE certified personnel lets the end user know that no shortcuts were utilized and there is a traceable record of the application and testing of their coating system based on statistical and proven methods that have been standardized for the industry in all aspects of the coating process. Project types we have provided NACE certified coating and corrosion inspections include, but are not limited to, Storage Tanks, Pipelines, Petrochemical Facilities, Oil and Gas Facilities and Equipment, Rail Cars, Aerospace, Commercial Construction, Municipal Construction.