Construction Materials Testing

Paradigm’s construction materials engineering and testing (CoMET) services, also commonly considered “construction quality assurance services,” are generally intended to ensure, for the benefit of the owner, that the structural materials and processes being installed by the constructor are in accordance with the project plans and specifications.  The mission is to monitor construction in real time to avoid noncompliant materials such as concrete, mortar, or fill soils and noncompliant processes such as welds, reinforcing installation, or coating installation from being incorporated in the project before significant delays and other expenses occur.

Our CoMET services are performed by our field representatives working closely under the direction of materials engineers.  Our field representatives combine their diverse training and experience with visual, destructive, and nondestructive methods to assess materials and process and maintain certifications from national certifying bodies including ACI, AWS, ICC, NACE, and NICET attesting to their knowledge and skill in performing testing and inspection activities